The Make with Espoo innovation platform is a digital environment aimed at inspiring companies and city organisations to co-create products, services and solutions that facilitate learning and teaching in Espoo's learning environments.

On the platform, you can create your own development idea, find others' ideas and look for suitable partners for co-creation. Once a suitable partner has been found, the development idea can be refined into a development project that is launched in an actual learning environment, such as a school. At the end of the development project, the lessons learned will be shared on the platform.

The activities are based on the principles of open innovation. Learn more about the terms and principles of co-creation here.

Create a new development idea or browse others' ideas

What kind of a challenge or need are you trying to find a solution to through co-creation? Create your own development idea or browse ideas that others have posted.

Find a suitable partner

Wait for somebody to contact you regarding the idea you posted, or browse others' ideas and contact them.

Plan the development project

Agree on the project's course, goals and schedule . Get acquainted with the terms and principles. When all the documents are in order, the project can start!

Carry out the development project

Develop and learn together!

Evaluate the project and share what you learned

Together, think about what you learned during the project, and share it with others!

Newest development ideas

Project stories